Early To Wed: Why You Should Consider an Afternoon Wedding

The Beauty of a Long Island Afternoon is Never More Apparent Than During a Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Photo by North Island Photography and Films at Villa Lombardi's
Photo by North Island Photography and Films at Villa Lombardi’s

Along with the beauty of an Afternoon Wedding can come the feeling of uncertainty–an Afternoon Wedding may go against tradition for some. However, with the change of trends and tradition, there are many perks to considering an daytime or afternoon start for your Wedding Day. Here are just a few notable perks!

  • Perhaps the most spoken about perk of an Afternoon Wedding is the opportunity to save on the price-per-person. Although not a guarantee, many venues will offer a discounted rate, or a special package specifically for Afternoon and Day-Time Weddings. All three of Lombardi Caterers’ Long Island Wedding Venues offer a Wedding Package devoted to Saturday and Sunday Afternoon Weddings, which can be found on our website http://www.villalombardis.com/weddings/.
  • Party All Night! With an Afternoon Wedding, the After-Hours party holds a great potential! Many of our Brides and Grooms who wed in the afternoon loved how the party continued at the bar of their Hotel Block. Not doing a Hotel Block? Villa Lombardi’s offers an After Hours Party that can be added to your affair.

    Photo by North Island Photography and Films taken at Lombardi's on the Sound
    Photo by North Island Photography and Films taken at Lombardi’s on the Sound
  • While at first thought, some may worry an Afternoon or Daytime Wedding may be an inconvenience to some guests, past Bride and Grooms have found the opposite to be true. For those with children attending the event, the children are able to participate and engage in the event better with it being during their normal waking hours. No children attending? Parents find it easier to find a sitter during the day, as opposed to having to find a late-Saturday Night sitter. An added bonus is none of the older guests, or those not staying at the hotel, will have to feel concerned about driving home at night thanks to your earlier start time!
  • Whether an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Villa Lombardi’s, or a Waterfront Ceremony at Lombardi’s on the Sound or Lombardi’s on the Bay, one of the stand-out benefits of an Afternoon Wedding is to enjoy that view for as long as possible!

In conclusion, the most important factor to consider when selecting the start time of your Wedding is what suits your personal taste and style as a couple. Morning, Noon or Night, your Wedding Day is about the two of you, and we are confident that you will be able to make it special no matter what time of day!

Want to learn more about our available afternoon wedding dates? Register for our next Bridal Showcase! http://www.lombardicaterers.com/bridal-showcase/ or Contact a Banquet Manager online today! http://www.lombardicaterers.com/contact/

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