Tradition in a Jar: Mamma Lombardi’s All Natural Sauces

Bring Home the Lombardi Tradition with Mamma Lombardi’s Jarred Sauces

If you are local to Long Island, it is possible you have spotted Mamma Lombardi’s All Natural Sauces on your grocery store shelves, keeping great company with other Jarred Sauces. But if you haven’t tried Mamma Lombardi’s All Natural Sauces before, here is what you need to know:

  • Mamma Lombardi’s All Natural Sauces have no sugar added and are prepared using All-Natural ingredients.
  • Mamma’s sauces are prepared locally–but enjoyed everywhere. You can order her sauces online, where they can be shipped anywhere throughout the United States! (Perfect for the New York native who had to move out of state, and misses that New York Italian Food!)
  • The history of Mamma Lombardi’s sauce originated in the countryside town of Avellino, Italy, where Mamma Lombardi first created her famous sauce for the local townspeople and her family.
  • The Jarred Sauce flavors include Mamma’s Jarred Marinara Sauce, Filetto di Pomodoro (Tomato and Basil), Vodka Sauce, Puttanesca, Arrabiata Sauce (spicy!), and Tomato Sauce–the ideal spaghetti sauce!
  • Mamma Lombardi’s All Natural Sauces can be found across the Long Island and Tri-State area, including at Stop and Shop, Best Yet Markets, King Kullen, Lombardi’s Market, Lombardi’s Love Lane Market and Giunta’s Meat Farms. Contact your local store to confirm if they have Mamma’s sauces available!

To learn more about Mamma Lombardi’s All Natural Sauces, including how you can use jarred sauce in your next recipe, visit our website!

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